Green Earth Farmers club as Business Correspondent of TCRB

Green Earth Farmers club constituted under Thenhipalam Co-operative Rural Bank Ltd,a PACS in Malappuram district of Kerala in 2011.PACS has appointed Green earth farmers club as the business correspondent of the Bank.Through the BC, Bank has acquired deposits as well as loans. Currently Green Earth FC is having 109 BC agents and 12 salaried staffs.With in 4 years of Farmer club intervention, the PACS has grown 861 % based on 2011. Farmers Club making exemplary intervention in the rural banking.The club has brought the rural cooperative banking to the doorstep of thousands of people,and saved hundreds of poor people from the clutches of local money lenders. Deviating from usual activities of a Farmers club , Green Earth farmers club chose to become the business correspondent of PACS,Thenhipalam Cooperative Rural Bank ,facing lose in 2010. Shri.K P Padmakumar DDM NABARD has given the idea and nurture the club. Green earth has introduced a new terminology in cooperative banking in lieu with financial inclusion;ie Cooperative Financial Inclusion.

Cooperative Financial Inclusion

The process of providing financial products and services needed by vulnerable groups such as weaker sections and low-income groups at an affordable cost in a fair and transparent manner by co-operative sector


The technology was not there as well as it was high cost. And the awareness about cooperative banking was few in these area. Farmers club has appointed rural BPL youths for the financial inclusion activities. Today almost 109 BC agents are earning sustainable income from their financial inclusion activities. The sponsor bank is a PACS constitute in 2002. The PACS was in low profile and was in loss in 2010.Only 3 employees was with PACS. The PACS has taken a revolutional decision to appoint Green Earth Farmers club as its BC. The major Challenge was to adopt the modern information technology in banking like CBS,ATM etc.. In 2011 Bank has appointed FC as BC and started with manual operation. The total business of the PACS was 2.68 Cr in 2010. Through BCs 109 agent PACS acquired good business year on year. The following graph is showing the business growth of the PACS.PACS in Kerala is doing almost similar to banking activities for the rural development of their area. Basically they are helping the farmers as well in the area of farming and non farming sector.PACS implemented CBS,ATM,switches,Micro ATMs and Business correspondent software for the effecting usage and for the control over their business. Currently agents with BC is using micro ATMs to collect deposits as well as withdrawals from SB ,KCC accounts.Also Green Earth Farmers club is running Customer Service points in the remote areas for BC activities. People from remote area will reach the customer service points and can do their transactions

Solution outline

Information technology based Business correspondent program provides quality in the business in banking which provides various financial services to the end customer on behalf of the bank.

Solution implementation

The Process,time and challenges,experience in the process of project through the continuous interaction and the awareness , the interventions of local money lenders become nominal. Also Bank provided Rs.5000/-as the Od account to all women in the area with out any security.Project achievements: PACS is grown 861 % with respect to 2011 with in short span of time The human interest: 109 rural BPL youths are working for Farmers club and they are earning a sustainable income between 2000 to 35000.

Providing Loan Facilities

Term Loans, Overdrafts, Cash Credit, Guarantees and many more such products are included in the credit basket.

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